Rates & Policies

You can view our room rates on our reservation pages.

Confirmation letters are sent by request only.

Please ask about our corporate rates.

Appropriate conduct is expected at all times. Any reservation guest that exceeds the occupancy with extra people will be charged $150 per person and and will be required to leave. All guests that are not listed on a reservation must leave by 10pm. Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children. Quiet time is 10:00pm and children must be in there room or at their campsite.
You are responsible for any damages in your room or on Mountain View property. 

Covid 19 Warning 

- If anyone is showing symptoms you must report to the office.
- Practice social distancing. Stay at least 6 feet apart from others while at fire pit or lounge.
- Wash your dishes before and after every use.
- Due to Covid 19 we do not check rooms daily for trash, toilet paper, and towels please ask at the office if any are needed.

Pet Policies

- Please clean up after your pet
- Please keep them in your control at all times and on a leash.
- No more than one pet per room or campsite is permitted
- You cannot leave your pet unattended at anytime.
- Guests are responsible for any noise that the pet creates and will ensure that the pet does not disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other motel guests. If your pet is disturbing the other guests there will be a $100 fee. Should the motel determine, at its sole discretion, that the pet is disruptive to other motel guests, guest must immediately make other arrangements to house the pet outside the motel or guest will be asked to leave with no refunds.

- No pets on beds. There will be a $100 cleaning fee.

-Use of towels for anything other than your body will result in a charge for the towels. Rags are available if you ask.

Smoking Policy

No smoking of any substance in any of the rooms.  There will be a $150.00 charge if there has been smoking in the rooms. You are also responsible for any damages.  

Clean Dishes Policy

Please wash, dry and put away your dishes before your final departure. If the dishes are not washed, dried and put away, your card (or your company card) will be charged a $50.00 fee.

Winter Ice

We do our best to keep up with the changing conditions but sometimes it's icy. Please do not park close to the building due to falling snow and ice. Be careful walking around the motel it can be slippery.

Fire pit use

If it is too windy there is no fire. If you are the last to leave the fire pit, make sure the fire is knocked down and completely out. Extinguish your fire before going to bed or leaving your site. Do not burn your garbage in the fireplaces. No fires with a flame over 24”.

Camp Sites

-Keep your site clean at all times.
- Pick up all trash. Dumpsters are located by the shower house.
- No cutting of trees or shrubs
- Do not cut through occupied sites.
- No parking on empty sites.
- One vehicle limit per camp site. ONE other vehicle may park in the main parking lot.
- State Law: Discharge of gray or black water onto the ground is prohibited.

Check-in / Check-out 

Motel Check-in time: 4:00 PM

Campground  Check-in time: 1:00 PM

Motel and Campground Check-out time: 10:00 AM

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your reservation by emailing mtnvu2001@gmail.com 72 hours before check-in without any charge. If you cancel the room in less than 72 hours, you will be charged for one-night room and tax. Any Booking or groups with mutlable rooms requires a non refundable 50% deposit. 

November hunting Rate special

1,2,3,4,5,6,10,11 are 2 person min $30 per person per night
7-8 1 person min $40 per person per night

Toilet Information


Do Not Deposit Feminine Hygiene Products, Waste Paper, Wipes of any kind or any Non-Biodegradable Items.